ESI Documentation

ESI is the name of EVE Online’s publicly available API, allowing you to query the game itself to get info about your character, corporation and more. This documentation can be used as a jumping off point to learn how to begin developing against ESI or as a place to learn some of the ESI concepts that are harder to grasp.

This repo replaces, which used to be used for all documentation surrounding EVE Online third party development and the relevant resources from that repository have been moved to this one. Thank you to all who helped maintain it.

We appreciate help from the EVE Online community and encourage pull requests if you feel any documentation is missing. Our wonderful ESI community helps to moderate this documentation.

Important Online Resources

The following is a list of important online resources for ESI development.

Table of Contents

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Using ESI Data

SSO - Read this notice first!

The documentation below is for the v2 SSO. While it offers several features not available in the v1 SSO, and is going to eventually replace it, it still has some ongoing issues. It is preferred your application use v2 SSO routes going forward but it may be the case that v2 is not stable enough for your application. If that is the case you can refer to the old SSO documentation for instructions on using the v1 routes.

Static Data Export

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