What is the SSO

Single Sign On (SSO) services are a way for users to log into one web site using their username and password from a different web site. For example, any time you log into a website using your Facebook account you are interacting with Facebook’s SSO.

In EVE Online’s case, you can use their SSO to allow users of your application to authenticate against EVE’s servers using a method called OAuth2. This means that your application will never deal with that user’s username or password for EVE.

Table of contents

High level overview of SSO authorization flow

Creating an EVE Online SSO application

OAuth 2.0 for web based applications

OAuth 2.0 for desktop/mobile applications

Refreshing access tokens

Validating EVE SSO JWT tokens

Sending authenticated requests to ESI

How to read this documentation

Start by reading the high level overview of the OAuth 2.0 flow with the EVE SSO and then follow the links there that apply to your specific application for more detailed instructions.

Singularity SSO

All instances of found in this documentation can be swapped for if you are developing against EVE’s Singularity test server.

Login Images

When creating a button to direct users to login to your site or application with the EVE SSO please use one of the following images for the button. This helps create consistency for EVE players amongst all third party applications when viewing your site or application.

EVE SSO Login Buttons Large White

EVE SSO Login Buttons Large Black

EVE SSO Login Buttons Small White

EVE SSO Login Buttons Small Black

Community and Bug Reports

If you want real time help with using SSO join the tweetfleet slack and navigate to the #sso channel.

If you run into an issue when using EVE’s SSO you can report these issues at